System Development

Tatung's development teams have a wide range of experience in developing AP systems with Java coding. Our products are widely used by the government of Taiwan as their active production systems, such as 'The Official Documentations Management System','The Official Attendance Management System','Social Benefits Management System','The Official Businesses and Operations Statistical System'…,etc.

All systems were developed through Java codes and running on top of the IBM WebSphere Application Server and in conjunction with suite of compatible database systems, such as Oracle, Sybase and Informix.



1.Fully comply with 'The Standards of The Official Documentations' published by the Executive Yuan
2.Fully certified by the following Public or Private sectors


Customization and development of IT Application systems.:

1. Governmental Application and Service Systems
2. Application and Service Systems of Enterprise editions.

Data Base Administration and Management.:

1. Logical & Physical Database Design and Installation.
2. Stand-By Database Creation and Administration.

Knowledge Base Creation and Administration:

1. Knowledge Base Management and Key Words Search indexing creations.
2. Establishing the mechanisms for ‘Access Authorization and Coordination’

Main Achievements

1. The Official Documentations Management System
Brief Introduction:
A few copies of this product have been successfully deployed in various government agencies such as the Ministry of National Defense and all branches of the armed forces, the Judicial Yuan and the national court system, as well as Radio Taiwan International.

Related Products:
a.The Official Documentations Management System of Ministry of the National Defense.
b.The Official Documentations Management System of the Judicial Yuan
c.The Official Documentations Management System of Radio Taiwan International.

Service Items :
a.The Official Documentations Management System --- ODMS
b.ODMS development services
c.ODMS Infrastructure deployment and Installation services.
d.ODMS HW/SW Maintenance Services
e.ODMS Homogeneous /Heterogeneous Data Base Converting Services.
f.Live Cases
g.Ministry of the National Defense and all units of Arm Forces of R.O.C.
h.The Judicial Yuan and all levels of its court houses and subsidiaries.
i.The Radio Taiwan International.
2. The project of Upgrading Main Server and systems for Bureau of Labor Insurances
Brief Introductions:
In 1975, the BLI began to have its operations gradually computerized. As of 2005, the Executive Yuan had issued a policy calling for more computerization and digitization as part of an e-government program. As such, the BLI sought to redevelop all of its labor insurance application systems. Tatung placed a bid for the project and was awarded the contract to overhaul the Bureau’s application systems, including but not limited to:
a.Systems for Official Documentations and Correspondences
b.Labor’s Pensions Issuance
c.General Ledgers and Financial Statements
d.Labor Insurance Enrollments and Payments
e.Executive Administrations
f.Human Resources
g.Benefits (Fujin)
h.Information Security
i.Auditing System

HP Superdome is utilized as the host system along with an "Active/Standby" DB configuration. XinZhuang serves as the Active center while Taoyuan remains on Standby.

If an outage occurs at the main/active center, the system is switched to standby mode at which time the server based systems will be unavailable. To eliminate this issue in the future, systems that comprise Dual Active Centers as their DB configuration will be implemented for better continuity of use.

As computer technology is continuously changing along with government IT policies, Tatung understands the need to retain flexibility and scalability regarding system architecture, expansions, and upgrades. Tatung’s systems are proven and robust and are readily customizable. Technologies such as virtualization, automation, mobility support, as well as on-demand service are just examples of what is available.

Additionally, in response to the government’s“Clouds”promotion campaign, Tatung is fully committed to developing the appropriate infrastructure to both meet and anticipate cloud computing needs as mandated by the national government.
3. Consolidation of the Strategy and the Cost Control Management systems
Brief background story :
The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) began computerizing its systems in 1975, beginning a process that would culminate in integrating its departmental accounting system as well. Tatung has met this need by providing a single IT platform from which all operations could be coordinated. The results have included increases in operational efficiency, cost savings in all areas, reduced communication and working gaps between departments, and compliance with international accounting standards by the use of common application systems.
4. Attendance System
Brief Background Story:
Tatung has developed an attendance taking and personnel management system that is utilized by the muncipality of XinBei as well as its schools. It provides a common platform for public employees to manage things such as expense reporting, cost of living allowances, as well as sick leave, overtime pay, etc. It also has fast identification functionalities such as fingerprint scanning. Due to its high built in capacity, the system can handle up to 50,000 logons simultaneously and can be expanded further if needed. This system is the first of its kind in Taiwan to have an all-in-one approach to personnel management.

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