ICT Integration

We provide system implementation and integration for the following: software, hardware, Wireless LAN, and systems, including highly efficiency server system, cluster and parallel operation, information security solution, security operation center’s layout and construction, large-scale WAN/LAN, radio transmission, IP/PBX system, etc.

Well-Rounded Product Line and total Solution:

We have a well-rounded product line including mainframe computers, servers,workstations, personal computers, monitors, terminals, computer peripherals,etc. We can also meet your needs to construct Wireless Lan, information systems, communication systems, office automation, commercial intelligence,increasing your accessibility to the Net and conversion into Chinese interfaces with various operating systems and software applications. Moreover, designing,manufacturing, educational training, and well-structured total solutions with professional consultants available upon request by clients.



Our ICT unit has nation-wide branches all over Taiwan. With professional expertise in software, hardware, mechanics, maintenance and system integration, we are able to provide integrated services to clients of different scales, businesses,and applications and to those who need the foundation engineering, transmission circuit, ICT facilities, and other value-added services.



● Integrated ICT Services
 We provide a fully integrated system construction with professional consultants and their clearly structured layouts with a program of educational training for the running of the system.

● The Bank of Taiwan’s “open-tendering-procedures” contract for Computer Procurement
  .Mainframe computers
  .Computer peripherals
  .Computer software
  .Printers and their consumables

● Xerox Machine Rental Bid Taiwan’s business group, Chunghwa Telecom's southern branch
  .All new digital Xerox machine rental bid
  .Second-hand Xerox machine rental bid

Service Structure

Service Structure

Main Achievements

Case I: The National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior’s 2008 Bid for the maintenance of computer devices and related software
The task of this project is to maintain the National Immigration Agency’s computers and their software including their system servers,Wireless LAN systems, information processing system for entry and exit, and photo document management system with two of SUN E10k at the Immigration Agency in Taipei City and two at the Taoyuan International Airport as well as two of NCR5100 at the Kaoshiung International Airport. These servers are in charge of processing the entry and exit formation with the help of Sybase data bank, NCR4700 as the server for statistic analyses, and the networking system of Cisco and 3COM.
Case II: The construction of Warring Region Information Management System for the Ministry of National Defense
The task of this project is to set up the information management system at 46 units specified by the Ministry of National Defense with the constructions of:
    • the integrated ICT and WAN

    • the centralized monitoring system and network management equipment

    • the offsite backup system

    • the LAN and foundation engineering

    • the servers, terminals, and peripherals

    • the software applications

    • information security

Case III: The Ministry of the Interior’s Household Registration and Conscription Information System Enforcement Project
The task of this project is to construct and maintain the computerized system of household registration and conscription for the Ministry of the Interior. As a corporation in charge of building the household registration and conscription system, Tatung Company excels in transferring from and integrating the first-generation system into the second-generation of online circulation for the system. The project dictates four steps:

First, a total replacement of the outdated first-generation computerized system by a new system.

Second, the change of the distributed computing system into the centralized one with the most advanced backup of LTO-4 tape silos, the addition of a firewall and intrusion detection system,the adoption of a brandnew window system for terminals, and a better information center with more data storage, digitalized servers, offsite backupsand SOC systems.

Third, sustaining the operation of the existing system while transfering the data to the new platform being constructed without changing the original program codes
Fourth, a three-year warranty of maintenance and service after the whole system has been completed and accepted.
Case IV: The Ministry of the Interior’s Citizenship ID Printing System and Computers Bid
The task of this project is to set up the computers and their peripherals for printing citizenship ID for the Ministry of the Interior. We have to install 56 mainframe computers, more than 5,000 terminals, disk arrays, tape units, printing systems, system consoles, and terminal printers across the country.

For getting on the Net, we have to set up security gateways, L2 switches, L7 switches, firewalls, network control stations, Ethernet LAN, FDDI area network. Insofar as the sharing of the mainframe computers is concerned, ADSL will be used to connect with the mainframe systems.

Considering the different amount of data processing from place to place, the systems and the equipment including the mainframes, disk arrays, tape units, printing systems and security gateways will be adjusted to specific needs of each place.

Most of the existing information system structure of the household registration and conscription is smoothly adapted to the layout and structure of the new system while image retrieval systems are respectively installed at the Ministry of the Interior, departments of Civil Affairs, and offices of Household Registration.The new system installed across the country goes with such facilities as image processing servers for managing the image data bank, 486 digital scanners, 688 sets of Imaging Workstation, 532 Color Laser printers, 783 laminators and 677 barcode scanners, etc. Once these facilities are installed, offices of household registration will be able to process all citizenship ID applications.

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