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Power Generation Plant system

▲ Diesel generator sets and ancillary equipment

1.Heavy diesel engine unit with the highest rated load in Taiwan:11,000 KW heavy diesel engine generator sets (Taipower maximum rated load unit).
2. Taipower has the largest number of heavy diesel engine generator sets; for instance, the Penghu Jianshan Power Plant. The first phase of four engines, eight machines in this project, a total of 12 machines.
3. The main engine maintenance space is large that the diesel engine generator set is arranged on the second floor of the main engine building, and the surrounding space is large.
4. The pipeline is easy to check and easy to maintain. There is no mechanical pipe trench in the whole workshop. The mechanical pipeline adopts high design and is arranged on the top of the first floor. It is easy to inspect and maintain.
5. Positive pressure ventilation system to prevent salt intrusion. Set the main plant ventilation system to maintain positive indoor pressure and prevent salt in the air from entering the room and prolong the life of the equipment.
6. Strict environmental standards: Generally, the nitrogen emission standard in the outlying islands is below 1200 ppm, and the emission standard, in this case, is below 363 ppm.

▲ Engineering of hydroelectric generator sets and ancillary equipment

1. Cooperate with the government to develop a green energy policy and participate in the renewal of plans and development of water resources for Taipower and private power plants.
2. Provide main equipment such as turbines and generators, and speed governor systems, oil pressure systems, compressed air systems, cooling water systems, drainage systems, and transformers required for the entire power plant.
Whole plant turnkey projects such as electricity, power distribution, charging, lifting equipment, ventilation systems, and unmanned automatic control systems.

Transmission & distribution system

▲ 345kV (inclusive) below the power distribution substation turnkey project.
▲ Civil engineering : including land use, measurement, geological exploration, civil engineering, buildings, lightning protection, and grounding systems.
▲ Mechanical and electrical : including distribution transformer, high-pressure gas-insulated switch (GIS), medium-pressure gas-insulated switch (C-GIS), electric switch (RCP), DC power supply, central monitoring system(SCADA), control panel, auxiliary equipment, power cable, optical fiber, communication cable, etc.
▲ The company integrates various equipment interfaces, providing complete and intimate services to the owners from engineering planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning to operation and maintenance.
▲ This budget, the construction of the best and most suitable substation project.


Power plant system:

    • Hydroelectric / Diesel Engine Power Generation Project

Transmission and distribution system::

    • 345kV (inclusive) distribution substation turnkey project

Main Achievements

Power plant system
▲ Diesel generator sets and ancillary equipment
Penghu: jianshan、Niaoyu Hujing、 Qimei、 Wangan、 Jibei power plant.
Kinmen: Tashan、Xiaxing power plant.
▲ Hydroelectric generating sets and ancillary equipment engineering
Taipower Corporation: Bihai Power Plant (the first Pelton vertical shaft type 62.5MW turbine unit in China) and Zhumen Power Plant (the first S-shaped horizontal shaft tubular turbine unit in the historic site)
Taipower Company: Qingliu, Shuiyu, Beishan, Soft Bridge, Gaoping, Shewan Power Plant
Taichung Farmland Water Conservancy: Houlizhen Demonstration Power Plant
Jianan Industrial Company: Wushantou Power Plant

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