Intelligent Identification System

We are a professional manufacturer that supplies comprehensive security surveillance system services. Our services are as follows:
-Intelligent video surveillance with cloud computing
-Front-end detection evidence collection equipment systems
-Equipment security surveillance systems
-Access control monitoring systems
-Electronic fences
-Intersection Monitors
-Facility implementation
-Optical network design and implementation
Automated traffic enforcement technology utilizes automated digital devices to detect, collect and transmit traffic violations through the data center via fiber optic networks. The function of the technology is to prevent accidents from occurring, improve the safety of intersections, and increase the efficiency of transportation systems.


Intelligent Video Surveillance with Cloud Computing

1. Digitalization
Digital systems utilize digital video and imaging which save large amounts of storage space, are easily searchable, and maintain their quality in CCTV systems. Adminstrators can access the operating systems via the system host (CMS Server or CMS Client) or through remote desktop connection. It can effectively bolster security by restraining entry and exit and prioritizes monitoring activities by identifying important areas.

2. Networking
Thanks to advanced networking, surveillance systems need not be limited by specific spaces and areas. Surveillance can be conducted via remote access by Internet and/or intranet systems. Our surveillance systems can act as their own standalone networks that can be connected and integrated across physical boundaries. Tatung offers many configurable solutions for clients and for all budgets. We offer fully digital to hybrid digital/analog systems that are linked together by powerful servers and encompass the functions of browsing, monitoring, control, and playback.

3. Modulization
Modular monitoring systems can improve stability,increase scalability, and diversify risk. Traditional NVR surveillance systems consist of single unit systems that combine all aspects of image capturing, data storage, and video monitoring. However, this combined system can be very slow and prone to crashes. With modular systems, the above functions are scattered across different servers for optimal performance.

4. Heterogeneous system integration
Tatung’s systems are readily configurable and can be integrated with other systems such as access control, lighting control, parking managment, licence plate recognition, etc. It can be combined into a single management platform based on client needs and requirements, resulting in cost and labor savings.


Digital video surveillance system real-time surveillance video data :

    • Using H.264 video compression technology

    • Forwarding the images to each endpoint by using video streaming technology.

    • -Emergency intercom system.

    • -Front-end detection and evidence collection equipment.

    • -Terminal transmission, control and data processing system.

    • -Back-end monitoring and storage equipment.

    • -Intelligent Video Surveillance with Cloud Computing.

The overall system structure consists of the following subsystems::

    • Cloud video monitoring platform.

    • Video recording surveillance system.

    • Intelligent security breach detection system.

Main Achievements

Taipei Parking Management Office surveillance system facilities.
We provide solutions to reduce security blind spots and potential dangers in parking facilities. The object of this project is to implement a surveillance system across 58 parking lots. It will comprise a control server to monitor real time video, camera and intercom systems in each parking lot, and a recording and broadcasting server in the parking lot offices.

1.Noblind spots
Surveillance cameras normally differ in installationlocations and application needs, network-based camera extensions should beimplemented for the security blind spots in parking garages, such as staircaseor the corner of stairwell.
2. Fault-tolerant and redundant systems
Images are transmitted from the cameras across allthe parking lots data network and stored on a server.
3. Multiple usage
Thevideo images can be transmitted to different clients through the video stream,to fulfill the clients’ needs of monitoring and control.
Intelligent Video Surveillance with Cloud Computing.
1. Cloud video monitoring platform
The system is built around a central management/command and control center in order to provide effective cloud-based service that can be accessed remotely as well. SaaS architecture is utilized as the foundation of the system. It’s functions include:
(1)Provide remote video monitoring and control
(2)Provide remote access to the video imaging
(3)Provides remote device management
(4)Provide identity authentication service integration
(5)Provide electronic map image monitoring mode
(6)integrated electronic map, video surveillance,and alarm events
(7)TV wall display and management functions
(8) integrated intelligence image analysis system in emergency alert notification

2. Video recording surveillance system
The system has two modes:A. Clustering on cloud site, or B. Decentralized monitoring local site. The system stores all images of the video recordings, streaming forwarding, system operation log, abnormal events and other functions, you can save the image to central storage for preventing mislaying, to effectively integrate it into the systems. The system can also be integrated with the cloud-based video surveillance platform, to achieve a network of remote management and centralized storage management. Its features include:

(1)The camera front end performs video streaming recording, video data recovery, breakage detection, device status supervision,configuration and management of equipment parameter.
(2)CMS system to set all parameters for NVR and the cameras and stored in the CMS system. For the future replacement of NVR and the cameras, you can restore the original device directly through CMS parameter, it is conducive to maintenance, repair and replacement.
(3). NVR uses N +1 as the redundancy design, even if a NVR equipment malfunctioned, other NVRs will start to record, security video data is not to be missed.
(4) NVR adopts single disk array host architecture, unlike the traditional NVR host and storage needs to be the high cost of two sets of equipment
(5)Unified management of front-end equipment, all front-end cameras, alarm I / O and other devices, can all be set up and managed, operating status of the equipment can support real-time monitoring.
(6)To attain video data transfer ability,portability, etc., if the computer facility changes in the location, you simply reset the IP address of the server relocation. It will not affect the video architecture.
(7)Storage server and hard disk devices are able to obtain maintenance and warranty, emergency maintenance and SLA provide fast service quality.
(8)The systems support uses local site storage and cloud site remote backup architecture.

3. Intelligent Video Analysis System
The program provides smart intrusion detection systems and event alert management to attain the goals of automation and intelligence. Through integration with video recording system, it can capture live video images to conduct data analysis, its features include:

(1)Intrusion detection in warning area.
(2)Immediate image tracking of the invasion object.
(3)Integrating with the electronic map.
(4)It presents a two-dimensional coordinate values of the intrusion object on the electronic map, and continue to coordinate and track the position.
(5) Perform immediate alert and event notification, alert messages sent through SMS, Email and other notifications, and recorded in the event log.
(6)camera image is out of focus, blurred, steering and other detection.

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