Sewage Treatment System

Sewage treatment engineering is an important infrastructure factor of urban modernization. Recently, the government has focused efforts on sewage treatment, water utilization (hydro power generation), regeneration, drainage planning and controlling water resource development. Due to the government’s need to cooperate with local companies to carry out many improvement projects and observe resource sustainability, Tatung endeavors to actively bid on sewage treatment projects and has a history of successful performance.


Pressure overflow pump and auxiliary equipment project at Xinzhuang Pumping Station

This pumping station has been set up for a long time. In order to improve the overall function, this project will update the motor starter inverter and increase the voltage level to 3300 volts. The original pump is also updated, at the same time, to solve the load saturation and malfunction problems of the downstream Lion Head Pumping Station, the pumping unit was upgraded to 1700 KW. In case of emergency demand, the new overflow pressure line can be discharged to the Tamsui River. After the completion of the project, in addition to enhancing the function of the Xinzhuang pumping station, it can also ensure the safety of the equipment in the station and avoid being submerged by heavy rain.

Drainage, Pumping Station and Station Improvement works (Dihua Emergency Intake Pumping Station)

The sewage sewerage system of Taipei City has completed 6 (100%) of the main trunks and 27 (97.55%) of the secondary trunks, and the user acceptance rate has reached 75.21%. The Dazhi and Neihu main trunk systems are discharged into Neihu Wastewater Treatment Plant, the remaining main pipe system is discharged into the Dihua sewage pumping station, and then lifted and transported to the Dihua sewage treatment plant. During the heavy rain in recent years, the amount of rainwater has become triple and resulted in insufficient pumping energy for the existing Dihua sewage pumping station.Engineering Features:
▲ Difficulties: New and old channels are connected. In order to avoid the loss of bacteria in the biological reaction tank of the sewage treatment plant and affect the water quality of sewage treatment, it is necessary to complete the restoration of water supply within the shortest time. The construction company manual construction day and night to demolish existing channels, on-site cutting of stainless steel formwork, assembly of formwork and support system steel banding and concrete casting, in order to achieve the goal.
▲ Exceeding the cost of the equipment factory inspection: In order to ensure the quality of the project, before the factory produce the pumping machine, the motor and the operating disc are transported to the qualified (TAF) laboratory. The laboratory's circulating water channel was used after the false assembly. Then, the performance test of the pumping curve was carried out. A total of 48 hours were tested separately and in parallel.
▲ Using water storage to test: From the completion of the installation to the deadline of the project, it is impossible to predict whether there is water to handle the function test of the pumping unit. The organizer has reviewed the intake valve of the existing Dihua sewage pumping station after detailed review. Water is stored in the pipeline system, and diverted it to the wet
well of the pumping station for on-load test. By doing so, we can ensure that the overall system function meets the demand.
▲ Environmental Conservation: Plants should be properly transplanted in the work area, and green beautification and grass-planting bricks should be included for the ecological sustainability.


Pressure overflow pump and auxiliary equipment project at Xinzhuang Pumping Station:

The main function of this pumping station is to collect the user sewage from Banqiao, Zhonghe, Yonghe and Xindian areas of Xindianxi and Dahanxi River Basin, and the intercepting facilities such as Zhonghe, Zhongyuan, Huajing, Yonghe, Tucheng, Xinhai, Huajiang and Zizigou. Taking this station as a relay station, the upstream sewage will be raised by 15.5 meters with a pump, and will continue be transported to the Lion Head Pumping Station via a special trunk.
Main Equipment & Units:
    • Mechanical trash rack 2 groups W=3.6m, H=10.2m

    • Sewage pump (frequency conversion type) 3 parts Q=4.33CMS×15.5m, 1 part Q=4.33CMS×29m

    • Inverter 2 group F=18Hz~60Hz

    • 1 set of deodorizing equipment

    • 7 gates

    • 2 cranes

    • 15 types of various exhausting and exhausting equipment

    • Emergency generator 2 group 1500kWx0.44kV

Drainage, Pumping Station and Station Improvement and Addition Works (Second Standard) (Dihua Emergency Intake Pumping Station):

The Dihua Pumping Station collects 500,000 tons of sewage from the main trunk of Wenkeng, Nangang Port, Shilin, Beitou, and the secondary trunk of Huanhe Road, and distributes 500,000 tons of sewage to the Dihua Wastewater Treatment Plant. However, as long as there is an emergency, the amount of water in the main pipe will increase by three times, Dianhua pumping station cannot handle the situation most of the time. This project, from the manhole at the lowest point of the sewage system, leads the water to the emergency inflow pumping station through the drainage pipe, and then sends the sewage to Dihua at a rate of 6 tons of sewage per second through the vertical axis pump. The sewage treatment plant not only shares the processing capacity of the Dihua pumping station, but also increases the flexibility of the emergency response.Main Equipment & Units:
    • Emergency inflow pumping station works

    • Mechanical equipment and pipeline engineering

    • Electrical and instrumentation engineering

    • Emergency inflow channel project

    • φ1800mm linkage propulsion project.

    • Road engineering and landscape engineering.

    • Drainage works

    • Traffic maintenance and other works.

Main Achievements

    • 2017 Bali Wastewater Treatment Plant replacement.

    • 2015 Taipei City Zoo "Hippo Showcase Renewal Project".

    • 2015 Department of Health and Sewerage Engineering, Taipei City Government Bureau, "Improvement and Addition of Turbulence & Pumping Stations (second bid) (Dihua Emergency Intake Pumping Station)"

    • 2014 Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. "Zhonghua Yingguan Longtan Plant Wastewater System Total Recycling & Zero Emission Project"

    • 2013 Department of Health and Sewerage Engineering, Taipei City Government Bureau,"Pressure overflow pump and auxiliary equipment project at Xinzhuang Pumping Station"

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