• Industrial IoT Module

Industrial IoT Module


    • Industrial grade operating temperature range: -13oF(-25oC) to 185oF(85oC)

    • Optimized module:

    • > Compact size for easy form factor integration

    • > Integrated subsystems layout optimized

    • > Critical PLC subsystem layout optimized on module

    • Configurable hardware engine for multiple HomePlug PHY and real time MAC layers processing supporting HomePlug AV and Green PHY(GP)

    • Integrated Analog Front End(AFE) and application processor ARM926EJ-S 32-bit RISC CPU 333MHz

    • On board DDR2 256MB & Serial NOR flash 16MB

    • Rich sets of configurable interfaces supporting flexible usages of PLC applications

    • JTAG port for debugging

    • Support Linux 2.6.35 and drivers


* Embedded with STMicroelectronics broad band PLC (power line communication) SoC, STreamPlug ST2100
* Configurable for wide ranges of power line applications on Home Area Networking(HAN), industrial & smart grid including:
> Electric vehicle & electric vehicle supply equipment(EVSE).
> Smart meter& energy management
> Structured lighting control
> Smart Factory and Smart City
> IoT & M2M bridging
> Display panels control
> Audio/video distribution & video surveillance
* M1i Starter Kit: M1i with carrier board C1 for evaluation or development is available.

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