• Smart EV-Charging Controller

Smart EV-Charging Controller


    • Based on STMicroelectronics STreamPlug ST2100 SoC (Integrated Analog Front End (AFE), HomePlug AV/GP capable modem, and ARM926EJ-S, 333MHz application processor), and ST Energy STNRG388A.

    • Dedicated state machines for mission-critical functions.

    • Supports HomePlug AV& Green PHY with SLAC.

    • Versatile set of interfaces including MII(Ethernet PHY), UART, SPI, I2C,JTAG, USB, and PCIe.

    • Multifunction I/Os for CAN, IrDA, Audio, LCD, switches & LED indicators.

    • 1 kHz PWM for the pilot line.

    • Amplitude level state generator/detector.

    • Built-in AES engine to assure security.

    • Optimized module layout easy integration.

    • Industrial grade operating temperature range: -13oF(-25oC)to +185oF(+85oC).

    • Standard Linux environment for easy application development and flexible protocol support.


Tatung MEVSE Smart EV-Charging Controller is designed to support Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)communication (including ISO/IEC15118) and a wide range of networking and application protocols(including SEP2.0). Based on STMicroelectronics STreamPlug and STNRG SoCs, MEVSE provides a high-performance communication and application subsystem equipped with Power Line Communication (PLC) interface designed to support HomePlug AV and HomePlug Green PHY (GP) modes of operation and a wide range of interfaces including USB, PCIe, Ethernet, CAN, UART, SPI, GPIO, and many others.
MEVSE shares the same standard software and flexible architecture design to facilitate fast time-to-market aiding the development and fabrication of standards-based smart chargers.

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