2021 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

  • Date for convening the shareholders' meeting:2021/08/18 (The Board of Directors resolved to change the date of 2021 Annual Shareholders' Meeting in accordance with the instruction of the FSC. The original shareholders' meeting suspended was scheduled on:2021/06/28)
  • Book closure starting date:2021/04/30
  • Book closure ending date:2021/06/28
  • Exercising way of electronic transmission:
  • The voting power at a shareholders' meeting may be exercised by way of electronic transmission, conversion period: 2021.5.29~2021.6.25 Please click the attachment「Stockvote」

Major shareholders(The last day of the transfer period: April 29, 2021)

Shares Name Total shares owned Ownership (%)
Capital Securities Corporation Broking Capital Securities /Futures(HK) Ltd- A/C Clients 167,332,000 7.15
Luo De Investment Co., Ltd. 148,080,000 6.33
Tatung University 144,798,047 6.19
San Ya Investment Co., Ltd 97,244,000 4.16
Wen-Yi Zheng 78,317,000 3.35
Hsbc Broking Securities (Asia) Limited 56,189,000 2.40
Bei Ji Investment Co., Ltd. 46,793,000 2.00
Xin-Tatung Investment Consulting Ltd 43,260,000 1.85
China Trust Trust Yuanfu Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. 40,894,000 1.75
Jia-Jia Zheng 39,200,000 1.68