Salary and performance review

Due to the deterioration of the employment environment, the starting salary for freshmen is generally low in recent years. Tatung, as a deep plowing corporation for a century in Taiwan, well protects the salaries and benefits for her employees. Tatung enacts her rules and internal control to ensure the minimum salary is complied with regulation. Tatung discloses the structure of the salary and methods of payment on "Company Rules", so that all the employees understand their rights and interests.

Based on the concept of gender equality, the basic salary between female employees and male employees is 1:1. For different employment types, the ratio of basic salary and legal salary for migrant workers and technicians are 1:1 and 1:1.05; for staffs is from 1.26~1.51:1 based on different job types, specialty and qualifications. In average salary, the female employee to male employee is 0.85~0.90:1 in 2019 ; the average annual salary is NT$645,975 and the median annual salary is NT$566,890 for non-management employees (2,692 employees in total).

▼Ratio between basic salary and legal salary for different employment types

▼ Salary ratio between female and male employees (by employment type)

▼ Number of non-management employees2, average salary, and median salary

Tatung takes great concern to the overall performance of individuals, departments and organizations, and encourages employees to perform better. Through the performance review counseling mechanism and career development, it helps to enhance and affirm the performance of employees. Employees are assessed according to the "Performance Management Method" regardless of gender. The purpose of the assessment is to identify talents with high performance potential and poor performance and effectively links the performance with bonuses, rewards or promotions. The employee ratio for performance review in 2019 is 94.7%.

Post-employment benefits

Tatung adopts "Defined contribution plan" and "Defined benefits plan" as its post employment benefits. For "Defined contribution plan", Tatung makes monthly contributions of no less than 6% of the employees' monthly wages to the employees' individual pension accounts in accordance with the Labor Pension Act. Expenses under the defined contribution plan for 2019 were NTD 68,473 thousand. For "Defined benefits plan", Tatung contributes an amount equivalent to 4% of the employees' total salaries and wages on a monthly basis in accordance to Labor Standard Act to the pension fund deposited at the Bank of Taiwan in the name of the administered pension fund committee. Before the end of each year, Tatung assesses the balance in the designated labor pension fund. If the amount is inadequate to pay pensions calculated for workers retiring in the same year, Tatung will make up the difference in one appropriation before the end of March the following year. Tatung expects to contribute NTD 293,600 thousand to its defined benefit plan during the 10 months beginning after 2019.12.31. For detailed post-employment benefits, please refer to Tatung 2019 Annual Report page 409~412.


Tatung Welfare Committee handles a broad range of employee welfare issues including: daily activities, financial assistance for education, funeral assistance, and interest free installment loans. Besides, in order to provide female employees a more comfortable and more convenient way to nurture the next generation without having to sacrifice their own work, or to increase their physical or psychological unnecessary burden, Tatung set up a nursery room for postnatal breast-feeding employees. It is also the company's most intimate birth gift for female employees.

▼ Employees' welfare

Parental leave

Tatung takes great concern on employees' family life and care for next generation. Tatung not only provides cash gifts for giving birth but also offers all employees maternity and parental leave in accordance to regulations.

▼ Tatung parental leave statistics

Health promotion and disease prevention

Tatung believes that the health of the employees and their families is a valuable asset to the company. Tatung organizes numerous health speeches, seminars, health checks to let the employees understand the importance of their health and promote to their families. The concreted measures are follows:

1. Clean air, healthy and happy workplace environment Smoking has been proven to have negative effects to the health and smoking in workplace increases the risk of fire incidents. Smoking within the boundary of the companies/factories has always been prohibited. The employees, contractors, and visitors are not allowed to bring cigarettes, matches and lighters into the company. Tatung also clearly posts/marks "NO SMOKING" notice in the meeting room, at entrances and exits. The reason for Tatung doing this is to build a clean air and healthy workplace for everyone.

2. Welfare Committee regularly organizes the physical and cultural activities to encourage the employees having healthy living. It also establishes aerobic fitness club to provide employees physical activities to stretch and relieve pressures in their spare time.

3. Health examination fair Tatung works with Health Center of Zhongshan District of Taipei City to organize Health examination fair on a yearly basis. In 2019, the specialists from Taipei City Hospital are invited to the company to do high blood pressure, hyperlipoidemia and high blood sugar screening, oral cancer screening, cervical smear, breast cancer screening, and lung function testing. 236 employees participated in the fair. Tatung also arranges high-quality health check annually in order to find out any premature diseases and treat them in advance to protect employees' health.

4. Tatung organizes health promotion seminars and also publishes information about serious diseases on the company website and e-publications. The information contains not only about the diseases but also the preventions and treatment channels.

5. Tatung runs first-aid/CPR courses every year to enhance employee's ability.

▼ Health promotion and disease prevention activities in 2019