Energy consumption

Direct energy sources that Tatung consumes are fuel oil, LPG, and diesel. Indirect energy source that Tatung consumes is purchased electricity from Taiwan Power Company. The amount of energy consumption in 2021 is 162,181.34 GJ. The most consumed energy in 2021 was purchased electricity and the amount was 138,812.36 GJ (85.59%) which equaled to 38,558.99 kkWh; followed by Diesel with 12,218.98 GJ (7.53%) which equaled to 348 KL. The total amount of energy consumption in 2021 was 1,588.89 GJ less than in 2020, which was 0.97% reduction

▲ Trend of energy consumption

▲ Energy consumption breakdown in 2021 (by energy types)

Water consumption

The sources of water for Tatung are from tap water, ground water, and river water. Tatung consumed 537,322M3 of water in 2021 which was 46,959M3 less than the consumption in 2020. In view of the long-standing problem of fresh water resources shortage in Taiwan, other than installing water-saving taps for the employee’s daily usage, we will continue to conduct water saving projects in order to reduce water consumption.

▲ Water consumption (by sources)

Raw material consumption

Tatung puts quality, price, supply days, and after sale service into account when selecting suppliers. In order to ensure a good quality, Tatung requires suppliers to provide new resources.

Amount of main materials and the percentage from local purchase

Main materials Amount of consumption Local purchase percentage (by purchase values)
Steel (including silicon steel) 6,001 tons 100%
Copper 5,875 tons 99%
Aluminum 731 tons 100%
Insulation oil 2,360 kilo-liters 100%

Note: Tatung produces hundreds of different products. Some of them are OEM/ODM made. We currently only disclose the amount of the above 4 fundamental materials.