In retrospect, Tatung has been playing a significant role in every stage of Taiwan's development to the benefits of the country's economic development. The founder of the company Lin Shan Chih started his career in civil engineering, accomplishing more than 600 public constructions in his life. Our late President Lin Ting Sheng successfully expanded the business scope to home appliances, industrial appliances, electronics, and other business investments to serve the needs of consumers and the country as a whole. Moreover, our former president Lin Wei Shan went further to incorporate information technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, and photoelectric engineering (for example, panels and solar cells) into the business.

The centenary of Tatung marks the company's historical significance in the past and for the future as well. The views of the community and investors have also reached new level in corporate environmental sustainable development and governance. Tatung will turn into a leading business group in the fields of green energy and smart energy systems. Therefore, Tatung will be devoted to amalgamating environmental sustainability and corporate management apart from manufacturing best quality products and services. In terms of further deepening corporate governance, we formed a board of directors that more than half of the members are independent directors and external directors last year. We also formed "Corporate Governance Committee" in March this year and will continue to uphold the core values of "Integrity, Honesty, Industry, and Frugality" to enhance corporate governance in the hope that we will obtain "EPS" (Earnings Per Share) for shareholders and manage "ESG" (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) well for the eco-friendly environment, the company's sustainability, and the corporate responsibilities. We have witnessed a good page in the company's development and we will continue to recruit staff and partners who share the same values with us to work together in order to strengthen our operating results so as to arrive at more profit for our shareholders and to maintain the company's sustainable development and growth.