Tatung Co. takes great concern on human rights. All employees, applicants and contract workers are treated with dignity, fairness and respect regardless of their race, religion, skin colors, sex, and nationalities etc. Commitments of respect and ensure the benefits of labors, fulfill social responsibility and comply with regulation are clearly stated in our Labor Policy.

Tatung Co. hires one disabled worker per every 100 workers and provides equal opportunities for minority groups. On the recruiting network and the human resource banks Tatung Co. also makes the announcement of “Disabled and aborigines are sincerely welcome” to declare our determination on anti-discrimination.

In addition, the age restriction when hiring new employees has been officially removed. Tatung Co. also established “Anti-sexual harassment Regulation” and published on the internal website. Sexual harassment in any forms are prohibited in any working places in Tatung Co.

In order to safeguard the human safety of the employees and properties of the company, Tatung Co. has Security Department to carry out security-related works. Every security personnel are trained with human right related issues regularly based on “the guidelines of human right education”. Hence each security personnel is fully aware of the personal dignity and the importance to respect others when conducting his daily duties. No incident of violating human right is occurred up to date.