Renewable Energy Deployment

In line with the government’s green energy policy and the changes in the global industrial situation, Tatung has continued to innovate, steadily cultivated the solar photovoltaic market, combined with intelligent technology and gradually expanded from the early public housing roofs and landfill sites to the fish-electricity symbiosis power stations, cemetery sites, and photovoltaic stadiums. Tatung not only has good engineering quality and active innovation, but also be ready in the fields of power plant operation, green power transfer and renewable energy certificates to work together for the liberalization of Taiwan’s electrical industry. By the end of 2021, Tatung has completed over 1,100 solar photovoltaic power systems with capacity of 211MWp, which can generate nearly 246.45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, with a carbon reduction of 123,718 tons/year, which is equivalent to the annual carbon reduction of about 318 Daan Forest Park of carbon absorption.
Tatung has invested in the field of renewable energy for more than 10 years. Its long-term hard work has gradually gained recognition in the country. In 2021, Tatung Forever Energy Company has won three “2021 Public Construction Commission Golden Quality Award”. Sheng Yang Energy Co. has won two “2021 Top Solar System Award by Bureau of Energy, MOEA.”
Looking forward to the future, Tatung will adhere to the sustainable development strategy and actively promote the energy transformation in line with the government’s green energy policy. The goal is to complete 312MWp of solar PV systems accumulatively by the end of 2022. We are aiming to lead the solar power industry to reciprocate and innovate through various industry cooperation and to expand setup area for PV solar systems. We will provide more opportunities for cooperation in the solar energy industry.

Total PV solar systems installed and our target in 2022

▲ 2021 Public Construction Commission Golden Quality Award

▲ 2021 Top Solar System Award by Bureau of Energy, MOEA

▲ PV solar system at Metro Taipei Luzhou Depot

▲ PV solar system at Houlong Flood Detention Pond, Miaoli County