In terms of product quality management, every factory and related party of Tatung already acquired ISO 9001 QMS certification. Internally, this system is used as tools of carrying out standardization, reducing bias and passing down experience and knowledge. In addition to improving ability of management, it stabilizes the product quality as well as reducing the defect loss and customer complaints. Externally, it boosts customers’ confidence, further expands market to enhance competitiveness and reaches the goal of sustainable operation。By updating to ISO 9001:2015 version in 2018 comprehensively, it could not only anticipate risk beforehand and handle it in time for coping with the diversity and speedy change of shock pressure, but also improve into quality management for risk control and sustainable operation.
To ensure the company’s quality policy and ISO 9001:2015 be put into action, internal review is scheduled annually to audit quality system and target by every quality control unit of factories, and head office arranges annual program of internal control and audit for every factory’s quality control operation. After that, deficiencies are figured into tracking and keeping improvement to attain intended quality target.

Tatung products that acquired ISO 9001:2015

Factory Registered product
Taoyuan 1st Plant ISO 9001:2015→Design,Development and Servicing of the Following Products: Window Type air conditioners, separated type air conditioners, Package Type air conditioners, box Water Chiller Unit, Dehumidifier, Electric cookers and electric fans.
San-Hsia Factory ISO 9001:2015 →Generators (less than 10,560KVA), electrical motors
Tayuan Plant The design, development, production and servicing of Oil-immersed transformers (below and including 245KV), Oil-immersed reactors(below and including 345KV), Oil-immersed potential & current transformers(below and including 69KV), Dry type transformers(below and including 36KV), Dry type reactors(below and including 36KV), Cast resin dry type transformers(below and including 36KV), Cast resin dry type potential & current transformers(below and including 36KV), High voltage & low voltage metal-enclosed switchgear & control gear(below and including 72.5KV), Metal-clad switchgear(below and including 36KV), Motor control center(below and including 15KV), Metal-enclosed low voltage power circuit breaker switchgear(below and including 600V), Distribution board(panel)(below and including 600V), Rectifier(below and including 600V), Amorphous metal transformers(below and including 36KV), Gas insulated switchgear, Capacitors.
Taoyuan Wires and Cables Plant ISO 9001:2015→Power wires and cables (including cross-linked polyethylene insulated shielded power cable rated 161 KV and below), bus-way, electronic wires, telecommunication wires and cables, optical fi ber cables, enameled copper wire, bare copper wire, tinned single solid copper wire.
Tayuan 2 plant ISO 9001:2015→Design,Manufacturing and Sales of Electricity Meters.