Devote in developing environmental friendly products

oviding high-quality products with innovative technology, realize energy saving, environmental protection, and healthy life, and fulfilling the responsibilities of global citizens is our vision. We tirelessly dedicate to the development of green products and many of them have been awarded with Green Mark, Energy Label, and Water Label. There were 13 models awarded with Green Mark, 99 models awarded with Energy Label, and 8 models awarded with Water Label in 2021.

▲ Numbers of Green Mark, Energy Label, and Water Label awarded

Promotion on green consumption

In addition to produce energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and water-saving products, Tatung also combines its own sales channel- Tatung 3C to promote green products. In addition to holding energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product promotion activities from time to time, Tatung also has 29 Tatung 3C Stores been registered as Green Store by EPA. The Green Stores of Tatung 3C will announce the types of products sold in the stores with Green Mark, Energy Label, and Water Label to strengthen consumers’ recognition of Green Mark and Green Consumption. This is able to promote the development of green industries and reduce the adverse effect to the environment and to improve the quality of the environment.
Within the company, we encourage our BUs to take environmental friendly products into considerations when purchasing materials, parts, or products. Our efforts in 2021 were recognized by EPB, Taipei City Government (Received certificate of appreciation for promoting green procurement).

Green consumption promoting measures taken by Tatung

Unit Responsibilities Measure
Tatung Co. Researching and producing the environmental friendly, energy saving, and water saving products. Applying for Green Mark, Energy Label, Water Label, or Carbon Label.
Tatung 3C Stores Promoting and selling green products.
  • Registered as EPA’s Green Stores.
  • Holds energy-saving and environmental-friendly products promotion activities from time to time.

▲ Certificate of appreciation for promoting green procurement from EPB, Taipei City Government.