The company attaches great importance to the privacy of customers, and the collection, processing and use of customer data comply with the "Personal Data Protection Law" of the Republic of China government and related laws and regulations. Properly protecting customers' personal data has always been the company's primary goal.
  • The personal data collected by the company is processed and used within the scope of the service based on the principle of minimizing information disclosure, and its security is properly maintained.
  • In order to ensure the security of online transactions, all data related to transactions conducted on our website are protected by appropriate security maintenance measures in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.
  • The company has passed BSI international information security certification ISO27001 and complies with BS 10012 personal data protection standards.
The relevant customer service personnel who contact the customer's personal information will avoid the loss of important personal information under strict access control. And without the authorization of the supervisor, individuals have no right to contact customers privately to avoid infringement of privacy.
Strengthen personnel safety awareness: Regularly hold personal information and information security advocacy education and training courses and implement tests after class to test the learning effect to ensure that colleagues fully understand the importance of personal information and work practices.
In 2019, there was no complaint related to infringement of customer privacy or loss of customer information. In addition, in recent years, there have been cases of fake official community accounts for fraudulent use. When we were informed of such news, we immediately went to the company's official website and our social group to announce warning messages to prevent consumers from being victimized.
Strengthen the security control management of website information: Import appropriate protection mechanisms and monitoring software, regular penetration testing and source code detection to prevent improper access to information and protect the security of customer personal data.

▲ Tatung Information Security and Personal Information Website (company internal propaganda website)