An Equaled Working Environment

Tatung takes great concern on human rights. All the employees, applicants and suppliers are treated with dignity, fairness and respect regardless of their race, religion, party affiliation, place of birth, genders, marriage status, disables, appearance, disability, or union membership, etc. Commitment s of respect and ensure the benefits of labors, fulfill social responsibility and comply with regulation are clearly stated in our Labor Policy. Tatung hires one handicapped worker per every 100 workers and provides equal opportunities for minority groups.Tatung also stipulated “Sexual harassment prevention, control, appeals, and disciplinary measures” and published on the internal website. Sexual harassment in any forms is strictly prohibited in any working places in Tatung. There was no discrimination and anti-human right incident in 2021.

Employee Diversity

The recruitment policy of Tatung is based on the principle of meritocracy. It does not discriminate against any age, gender or race but only take applicants’ talents into account. The recruitment process follows the relevant regulations and selects the right applicants in a fair and equitable manner. The Tables and Figures demonstrate the employee compositions of Tatung. Tatung has more than 95% of local employees and 1.74% of disable employees which is more than the requirement by the regulation.

▼ Percentages of local employee and migrant worker

▼ Employee compositions (by ages)

▼ Employee compositions (by genders)