Tatung Health and Safety Guidebook

▲ Tatung Health and Safety Guidebook

In the case that recognition of dangerous materials is unsatisfactory, or that safety management has not been satisfactorily accomplished in the work places, there may be effects of varying degree to the employees’ health and safety, and as a result, causing frequent disasters. This will not only threaten the safety of employees, but also the safety of the publics, as well as adversely affecting the surrounding environment. Therefore, Tatung stipulates that the company should be in accordance with relevant health and safety regulations in “Company Rules” and holds employees’ health examination (free of charge to the employees). Tatung also issues “Tatung Health and Safety Guidebook” for employees to follow. At the same time, we set up occupational safety and health management units and occupational safety and health management personnel in accordance with regulations to implement automatic inspections, strengthen occupational safety and health education and training, and promote laws and regulations to enhance employees’ safety awareness and responsibility to reduce the incidence of occupational disasters.

Health and Safety Committee

Tatung holds "Health and Safety Committee" meetings in headquarter and factories to communicate and review the contents and progress of health and safety issues. The percentage of labor representatives is better than the requirement of regulation (at least 33%). The headquarter also organizes regular health and safety committee meetings and invites the representatives in the factories to enhance the communications within the company.

▲ Percentage of labor representatives in Health and Safety Committees

Health and safety training and regulation promotion

In order to raise the awareness of occupational health and safety among the employees and prevent occupational accidents, Tatung opens health and safety related training classes for new recruits, general employees, and managers. The training classes introduce the related health and safety regulations such as “Occupational Safety and Health Act” and demonstrate the prevention measures of the occupational disasters. The training courses cover topics from prevention of disaster caused by machinery, equipment or appliances, hazardous chemicals, falling, flying objects, high temperature, noise, as well as proper use of personal protective equipment, workplace ventilation, management on lighting, job safety analysis, and prevention of illegal infringements in performing duties. For professional training, Tatung opens training classes such as First-aid, Hazardous machinery or equipment, Fork lifters, VOCs, Dusts, Designated Chemicals, etc.

Regarding the promotion of laws and regulations, Tatung organizes the “Tatung Group Occupational Health and Safety Seminar” every year to promote the new revisions of occupational health and safety regulations and corresponding practices. The 2021’s seminar publicized the key points of the amendments of the occupational health and safety regulations and the implementation measures for the protection of female labor motherhood.