The vision of Tatung is to fulfill the social responsibility. Tatung actively involves in social welfare activities, respects and cares for life. In addition, Tatung helps employees to clarify the values and concepts, as well as respect for dignity and human rights through common educational courses. For example, in general staff training courses we emphasis on ethics, team work, and respect. In management level training courses we emphasis on gender equality, respect different races, colors, languages, religions and so on. As for security personnel, education in regarding to respect the employees' emotion and wills is given before carrying out their duties. This is not only ensuring the employees' human rights but also making security duties go smooth.
Tatung Labor Union was founded in 1959 for the purposes of taking care of labors' rights, improving labors' living standard, conducting collective bargaining, etc. Each employee has freedom choice to be the member of the union. Currently Tatung has totally 5 labor unions distributed in the HQ and factories. Tatung does not interfere with the wills of the employees to join labor unions. In 2019, 70.65% of employees are the members of labor unions.

▼ Percentage of employees who are labor union member

Labor-management relations

In order to provide employees with a working environment that complies with laws and regulations and continues to strive towards employee harmony. Tatung has "Measure of processing employees' complaints" and other practices in place for the employees to complain about any disputes or sexual harassments and provides a channel to deal with. Tatung uses various methods such as gatherings, e-mails, electronic newsletters, or internal documents to deliver information in regarding to strengthen anti-discrimination, sexual harassment related prevention measures and appeal channels to the employees. The employees can not only propose questions in labor-management meetings or to labor unions, but also can directly mail the questions to Chairman's Box or HR e-mail. There was no major labor-management dispute in 2019 however, there were 4 incidents that violated regulations and fi ned NTD$ 550,000. All the violations have been corrected.

Child labor and forced labor

Tatung's recruiting policy is in line with the regulations. Hiring child labor is not allowed by Tatung. In "Company Rules" we defined the working hours for a day and for a week. If there is necessary to adjust or prolong the working hours, the practice only can be implemented after getting the agreement from the labor union or the employee. There was no force labor situation in 2019.