Education and career development

Business' success is relied on talented employees. Tatung believes that only each employee fully shows "TATUNG DNA" in their work can help the company to achieve goals and vision. Therefore, Tatung takes "TATUNG DNA" as basic to develop an education and training system which provides skill/profession oriented training courses to the employees to help the company to cultivate the talents that fit into business and achieve sustainable development.
Tatung plans training courses by taking company's human resource policy into account and indentifies the annual capacity gap of organizational functions. In November of each year, a survey of the training needs of senior managers and all employees is collected. Based on the survey results and the company's annual business strategy, the next annual training course is planned. The training target is to capacity building of employee management, professional skills, and performance improvement. Tatung has formulated the "Tatung Company Education and Training Manual" as a norm for education and training, including: education and training management manuals, procedures, specifications, various forms, etc., and managed through various operations such as Plan, Design, Do, Review, and Outcome. The manual is published on internal website to let employees retrieve freely. We arrange class tutors for each course to be assistance and students with any questions can respond to them. After the class, we conduct satisfaction survey and the results and responses will be feedback to the students and relevant managers to improve the quality of education and training in the future.

▼ Tatung human resource strategic development system

▼ Education courses in season 4, 2019

In 2019, we organized 31 general courses which covered from new recruits training, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, information safety, etc. For advanced courses we organized 23 specialized courses in each field, 11 courses for managers, 13 business courses, 14 business operating lectures, 8 health lectures, 1 financial lecture, 1 procurement lecture, and 5 other lectures. In total there were 36,271 training hours and each employee was given 12.46 hours in average with the average satisfaction 91.69%.

▼ Training hours per employee