As global warming issue becomes more and more concerned, we have actively disclose carbon information on products and hope to provide more detailed information to consumers and customers for the purpose to select products with less environmental impacts.
In the past few years, we have completed product carbon footprint for a motor and a transformer, and multi-function cooker. The multi-function cooker also certified with carbon footprint label by EPA in 2017. In addition, We also issued PCRs (product category rule) for electric cookers (15-044 V. 3.0) and electronic cookers (15-045 V. 3.0) for industry to use. In the future, we will continue to conduct product carbon footprint to disclose the product carbon information and make effort to conserve energy and reduce GHG.

Status of product carbon footprint for Tatung’s products

Year Product Product carbon footprint Carbon footprint label PCR issued by Tatung
2010 NEMA Premium AC Motor 3HP 4P (4390930663) - AC Motor
2016 Oil-immerse amorphous core transformer (3φ 60Hz-2000kVA-420/242-6600V) - -
2017 Multi-function cooker (TAC-10L-SR)
  • Electric cookers (15-044 v. 3.0)
  • Electronic cookers (15-045 v. 3.0)

▲ Carbon footprint verification statement for AC motor

▲ Carbon footprint verification statement for Transformer

▲ Product carbon footprint label for multi-functional cooker (TAC-10L-SR)

▲ Carbon information on each life cycle stage for multi-function cooker (TAC-10L-SR)

Last update: 2020.09.30