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Smart Home

Tatung Company has much experience in intelligent commercial office building solutions, including building automation intelligence, energy-saving, lighting,air conditioning, parking management, rain water recycling, as well as renewable energy. For smart home solutions, we have energy-saving management system, home automation system, healthcare and multimedia link. Tatung has the smart building know-how to provide a complete smart home solution and make customers enjoy the intimate experience in home life.

Tatung accumulated home appliances development capabilities to integratethe technology resources form Tatung Group, and actively involved in systemsoftware development. Systems can be closer to consumer needs and provide morecomprehensive smart energy saving applications. There are four majorservice-oriented concepts in Tatung smart home solution, including smart energy,smart healthcare, smart safety & security and smart living. Tatung realizesa home automation system, and hopes to provide consumers an energy-efficient,comfortable and safe home.



1. Auto Monitoring and control Management System.
2. Optimization Energy Saving of Building
3. Max of Energy Saving Effect.
4. Electricity analysis and determine.
5. Equipment effect and strategy transfrom.
6. Improve Comfortable Life and Safety.
7. Improve Building Live.

Service Structure

Severice Structure

Main Achievements

Tatung Smart Manor - the comfotable Life
For this, Tatung Group pools its R&D strengths together to introduce smart systems and green energy efficiency into this smart building project, and utilizes the design ideas of smart and green building to create a sustainable smart community. This will connect Taiwan to the world and make Tatung one of the pioneers in smart innovated applications. Tatung brings together the entire group, as Shan-Chih Development works on the development of “Tatung Smart Manor,” Tatung, Tatung System Technologies and Tatung Medical and Healthcare Technologies join force for the smart system and apply for a “smart green community” of smart building at the diamond level and green building at the gold level. This will be the first demonstrational community in Taiwan that is moving toward a smart city.

The【Tatung Smart Manor】is located at Tucheng District, New Taipei City. The site covers 52,892.64 m2, much larger than any typical construction site. The lifestyle and needs of tenants at every age level are carefully integrated in the design in the attempt to incorporate the all-age thinking for all combinations of family and make this project closer the concept of smart city. This smart green community project consists of 5Ss, Smart Community, Smart Property Management, Smart Safety and Security, Smart Living and Smart HealthCare and Smart Energy Saving. We are trying to achieve not only 30% of saving in water and power and reduction of 40% of CO2emission, but also create new energy as renewable source.On basis of the latest intelligent system platform of Tatung, all building facilities are connected and all the tenants have to do is to move a finger to exploit the public facilities of community or smart home appliances through cloud information APP while staying on top of the information of what they need for everyday life.

1. Smart Community – Sustainability, ecology and green; cherish the sources of the plant
The site features 30,000 m2 of green landscape dotted with 28 species of trees and 24 species of bushes. Centered on green building, the community is going to be built into a microclimate regulated park featuring ecology, energy efficiency,CO2 reduction and health. We are trying to build a sustainable,smart and low-carbon residential complex that provides sustainable environment and quality life.

2. Smart Property Management – Public community service; keep an eye on quality of life
The electronic butler works 24-7. With an APP, the vast community is at your finger tip. One access card gives you access to every service the community offers, talking about convenience of life. Community cloud allows real-time monitoring of household environment, weather detection and water quality monitoring.

3. Smart Safety and Security – Structure, firefighting and surveillance system upgrade for leak-free safety and security
Smart monitoring system, firefighting system, double seismic resistance system from KYB and Sumitomo and seismometers (Shan-Chih Development) are connected to community sensors and equipment in sync with reporting systems. From building safety to home security, the Tatung smart Manor is closely watched 24-7 for safety.

4. Smart Living and Smart HealthCare – Human-based thinking combined with community and residence automation
Home appliances are connected for data collection and remote control. Home automation is implemented for greater comfort at home. Tenants are allowed to program their daily schedule or scenarios foo smart home appliances and lighting using APP. In addition, the intimate services such as community bulletin, sales information from neighboring shops and smart healthcare make tenants feel at home at every corner of the community.

5. Smart Energy Saving – Visible energy information to help make ends meet
Renewable energy sources are installed around the community such as solar panels, heat pump at swimming pool, rainwater recycling system, and energy efficient elevator equipped to convert potential energy into electric power. These are just a part of efforts that make the public facilities sustainable. The installation of smart meters achieves energy visualization through energy management system, which provides information of energy consumption and power bill estimation in real time. This helps tenants take control of their household budgets and encourages them to make difference for greener Earth.
Smart Green Community - Tatung Smart Manor

(1) 30% energy saving
It is estimated 1.86 million kWh/year will be saved from the power consumption of public areas in all 3 buildings;
66,000 kWh/year of power will be generated from solar power;
120,000 kWh/year of power will be saved from energy efficient elevators; and
360,000 kWh/year will be saved from heat pump of swimming pool.

(2) 40% CO2 reduction
Both smart building and green building help reduce CO2 emission. The reduction is calculated in the table on the next page.
It is estimated that 1.86 million kWh/year of power will be saved from the power consumption of public areas in all 3 buildings (CO2: 1153 tons) with a CO2 reduction of 472 tons (equivalent to a Da-An Forest Park).

(3) Water saving by 30%
Equipment with water saving mark will be used in the community.
Rainwater recycling system with a capacity of 650 tons
It is estimated to save 15,000 m3/year of water used at public areas, and recycle 5000 m3/year of water.
    • 1. Smart Community - a green ecology .

    • 2. Smart Service - community service and live quality.

    • 3. Smart Safety - fire and monitoring control.

    • 4. Smart Living - integration of human and building automation.

    • 5. Smart Energy Saving - PV system、Rainwater Recycling system、Smart Metor....