Smart Building

An energy-saving, convenient and comfortable living environment has been a goal pursued by all modern people. Establishing a humane and secure smart control system is the key to the sustainable development of Green Building.

Based on the original concept of design, Tatung Company integrates eight indices of smart building sand nine indices of green buildings to formulate an appropriate architecture level. Furthermore, Tatung’s turnkey approach provides a one-stop professional service for all aspects of the engineering, procurement and implementation process for the construction of a Green Building.


Tatung Intelligent Green Building

Intelligent and Green

The following are the indices and attributes that Tatung utilizes in its development of smart and green buildings. These guidelines help Tatung and its clients with smart and green accreditation,obtaining floor area incentives, and to add the most overall value to buildings.
Integrate nine indices of green building standard and eight indices of smart buildings standard to acquire smart green building accreditation at the lowest investment costs, to strive for floor area incentive, and to create added value to the buildings.

The Smart Building Management System analyzes energy data to help to set a reasonable energy capacity, unload or improve insufficient equipment together with a management system that optimizes the energy-saving effect.
1.1 Automated monitoring and control through a single, manageable platform
1.2 Optimized energy-saving features in buildings
1.3 Maximized energy efficiency for sustainable operations
1.4 Behavioral analysis and diagnosis of electric equipment for better decision-making ability
1.5 Performance improvement strategy provided for energy-consuming equipment
1.6 Increased comfort and greater security


    • As more attention has been drawn towards environmental protection in recent years,there is rising demand for living spaces that are energy efficient and comfortable. Tatung has recognized this trend and has developed smart control systems to make the goals of sustainable development possible.

    • Tatung's system combines the best elements of smart control system and green construction to maximize the use of space while integrating smart systems as well. Tatung's turnkey approach provides a one-stop professional service for all aspects of engineering, procurement, and implementation and covers the whole construction process.

    • 1.Planning and application for smart building certifications.

    • 2.Comprehensive engineering for all electrical and mechanical systems

    • 3.Configurable and customizable solutions to all systems.

Main Achievements

The ECS building located in Neihu is an existing building that has in all its infrastructure intelligence systems with different functionalities such as Smart Office, Smart Conference Room, Smart Parking and Smart Renewable Energy.

Smart Office
employee clock-ins and clock-outs directly affects office area lighting and air conditioning.
Air quality control automatically.

Smart Conference Room
Upon visitor arrival all equipment adapt to suit various conference schemes according to the designated settings.
On-site adjustments can also be made by handheld devices.

Smart Parking
VIP parking space reservation and indication
Real time parking space management and license plate recognition(LPR)

Smart Renewable Energy
Grid-Connected Operation with renewable energy
Reuse rainwater