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Tatung motors drive the world

Tatung's motors business has been operating for over six decades with sales worldwide. With "Tatung Motors Drive the World" as its theme, the company will showcase various high-efficiency electric vehicle motors at EV Taiwan 2015 (Booth D0509a, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1). This marks Tatung's further progress in the electric vehicle market after its subsidiary Tatung Fine Chemicals Co. saw its lithium iron phosphate make inroads into the electric vehicle battery sector.

W. S. Lin, chairman of Tatung, emphasizes the company's focus on high efficiency products. As a pioneer of Taiwan's industry, Tatung has always been aiming at lowering material and energy consumption. As reducing energy use and carbon emissions is an inevitable trend, electric vehicles for specific purposes offer great market potential. The company hopes to establish its presence in both the domestic and international markets by continuing to develop key components of electric vehicle - motors and lithium iron phosphate materials.

Tatung Motors has already collaborated with related makers and research institutions in developing electric vehicles for various purposes, such as golf cars, electric pickup trucks, electric forklifts, electric all-terrain vehicles, electric garbage truck hydraulic systems, electric pallet trucks, and electric buses. One notable example of Tatung's success is the Xiluo Produce Market, which has utilized Tatung electric pallet trucks for more than three years, accumulating 50,000km in mileage.

Looking ahead, Tatung plans to develop electric sedans and large size buses. With Tatung Fine Chemicals Co. having succeeded in selling lithium iron phosphate in the Japanese and Korean markets, Tatung will actively seek to cooperate with powertrain system manufacturers and automakers to establish a foothold in the supply chains of foreign electric vehicle markets.