SCADA System

1. Tunnel Monitoring and Control :

Combined hardware and software planning and implementation for tunnel monitoring and control systems. Integrated systems for fire alarms/response, electricity control, lighting, ventilation, etc.

2. Electrical System Monitoring and Control :

Monitoring system solutions for power plants, solar power generation,transmission/distribution, etc.

3. Energy Saving Application:

Our energy-saving solution tackles 3 major dimensions: safety, intelligence, and control.

4. Customized Electro-Mechanical Systems :

Flexible and readily configurable solutions based on field conditions and client requirements.

Tunnel Monitoring and Control

An intuitive user interface provides an overview of operational variables to assist personnel in controlling and adjusting environmental conditions inside the tunnel. Intelligent lighting systems automatically adjust illumination levels in the tunnel based on exterior light levels and time of day. Additionally, an automated ventilation system adjusts exhaust fans based on scheduling control and inputs from CO sensors, visibility sensors, timers, and fire alarms.

Electrical System Monitoring and Control 

SCADA screens and interfaces are utilized to assist field operators and factory managers to oversee plant conditions and electrical system statuses. Analytical reports based on collected information are generated at regular intervals (daily, monthly, quarterly) for users to keep track of historical data as well as to monitor critical and sensitive trends.
This service has been awarded numerous times for its excellent quality, most notably receiving the 2010 Public Construction Commission Golden Quality Award for Substation Construction.

Energy Saving Application

This energy saving solution complies with ISO 50001 standards to ensure applicability for the widest range of users, seeking to deliver the following:
-Building up…
-Emphasizing active and consistent selfauditing to incentivize implementing energy management schemes.

Tunnel Monitoring and Contorls &Electrical System Monitoring andControl

Our services comprise the following categories:

-Consulting for the planning, design, and implementation of monitoring systems
-System construction and customization
-Warranty service for system maintenance and upgrades

Energy Saving Application

Our services include but are not limited to:

-Reducing energy consumption and waste
-Efficient management systems
-Remote monitoring and diagnostics
-Online consultation, statistical analysis, and estimation services

Tunnel Monitoring and Contorls & Electrical System Monitoring and Control

System architecture could be varied due to field conditions as well as client’s requirements.

Energy Saving Application(Smart Energy Management System, SEMS)

System Overview:

Module Architecture Diagram:

Tunnel Monitoring and Contorl 

Tunnel SCADAsystem upgrades in Da-Si Section I, II of Freeway No.3 for Northern Region Engineering Office of Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau

SCADA system in Chia-Ming, Kung-Chi, Southern Taiwan Science Park, and Qigu Sections of 345KV underground tunnel engineering project

Electrical System Monitoring and Control

SCADA system in Jhu-Men Power Plant of Taiwan Power Company

SCADA system in Jian-Shan/Chien-Shan Power Plant of Taiwan Power Company

Energy Saving Application

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Energy Saving Methods:

  • Installing digital power meters
  • Installing controllers to lighting and HVAC systems

Tatung Co., Taiwan

Energy Saving Performance:

  • Electricity: Saving up to 698,300 KWH
  • CO2 Emissions: Reduced by 374.27 tons.
  • Energy Saving Yield: $2,513,000 NTD ($ 83,662 USD)

Energy Saving Methods:

  • Configurable electricity usage monitoring and analysis.
  • Remote lighting and HVAC control.
  • Power usage analysis with integrated billing and distribution tracking.
  • Scheduling control.

Customized Electro-Mechanical Systems

FMCS engineering project in thin-film plant of Green Energy Technology

FMCS engineering project in wafer fabrication plant of San Chih Semiconductor Co.,LTD

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