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Infrastructure comprises the integration of diverse elements including but not limited to, electro-mechanical systems,Information and Communication Technology, transportation, waste management and so on. Robust and modern infrastructure is the key to the prosperity of any region and nation.

Tatung Co is renowned both locally and worldwide for its expertise in the following areas:
-Power Systems
-Electrical Infrastructure Development
-Electromechanical systems and related applications
-Information and Communication Technology
-Scalable network solutions
-Municipal to national level network development
-Solutions for both public and private entities
 1.Wastewater Treatment
 2.Zero Liquid Discharge systems

Tatung’s success is driven by the fact that infrastructure projects are completed by teams of inter-disciplinary experts and specialists. This bring together all aspects of design, planning, and implementation in a coordinated fashion, saving large amounts of time and resulting in significant cost reductions for clients.

Infrastructure Business Scope:
-Power transmission and distribution
-SCADA and automated control systems(Opto-mechantronics Co.)
-Information and Communication Technology(ICT) switching systems
-Fiber optic networking and transmission
-Radio communication systems
-Smart buildings (Commercial and Industrial)
-Smart security and surveillance systems
-Central monitoring systems
-Intelligent transportation systems
-Automated gating and electronic ticket integration

1.The Power Supply,Communications, Transit Signal Priority System and Automatic Fare Collection Construction
for Phase 1 of the Kaohsiung LRT project in February  2013

2.[CL411 Huatung Railway Electrification power systems construction project] Railway Reconstruction Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

3.Taipei Parking Management Office surveillance system facilities.

4.CPTT(CHUNGHWA PICTURE TUBES,LTD.) Wste Water Treatment System.

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