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IoT business opportunity is increasing therefore Tatung’s Smart Solutions Business Unit integrates energy-saving products, ICT technologies, big data analysis and energy management systems to provide customers with the best ESCO services and applications.

Tatung provides Smart Community Solutions (incl. Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Surveillance and Smart Health Care System). The Smart Building Management System, to analyze energy data to help you set a reasonable energy capacity, uninstall or improved insufficient equipment together with a management system that optimizes the best energy-saving effect. Tatung also has the smart building know-how to provide a complete Smart Home Solution and make customers enjoy the intimate experience in home life.

The Smart Grid Solutions include all kinds of smart meters and AMI system. We are capable of integrating AMI Solutions for worldwide power utilities. In addition, we also develop Advanced Distribution Automation System (ADAS) and theMicro Grid system integration.

As a total solution provider, Tatung integrates its resources and expertise in power, system and consumer electronics to serve its worldwide customers in different fields such like utility companies on smart grid, government’s infrastructure projects on smart micro grid and photovoltaic power system roofing projects as well as constructing intelligent energy-saving systems for factories, commercial and residential buildings.

Solar Power System is the power of new energy power generation system. It designed and manufactured for characteristics and requirements of new energy power generation system, suitable for solar photovoltaic power generation system for power supply equipment of high quality, high reliability requirements, system change sunlight to electricity by PV battery, through the charging circuit to charge the battery, at the same time, the battery supply power to the part of inverter which supply the AC power to the AC load.

The series of control &inverter integrated power supply has wide input current voltage, rated output voltage and frequency. products used in a large number of families, substation, communication service industry or the comprehensive system of power etc, and can realize the  real-time observation on line  of remote data through remote communication function. It is the core of modern new energy generation system.