Tatung Smart Appliance and Energy Management Services Bolstered By Microsoft Azure

In the past few years Tatung Co. has been working with Microsoft to develop Tatung Cloud™, which carries a strategic mission to support a variety of business goals, as well as to realize a more satisfying customer experience. Pillared by the Microsoft Azure platform, Tatung Cloud™ has implemented Tatung IoT services in various enterprise and commercial sectors. “Smart Living” is a recent milestone that fulfills Retails Beacon and Tatung Smart Appliances. Now the customers can enjoy a pleasant experience when shopping online or in Tatung 3C retail stores, and when using Tatung’s home appliances such as smart TV, air conditioning, air purifier, and rice cookers. (http://smartliving.tatung.com.tw/). Tatung Cloud™ brings the status and controls of all the smart appliances to the users, proactively tracks and learns the user behaviors, and is able to provide recommendations of the best efficient configurations and service reminders.

The collaborations of Tatung and Microsoft also take place in the fields of Smart and Green Energy Management and Connected Product Management. As the leading advocate for renewable energy and smart energy, Tatung has a wide portfolio of energy products and solutions. For example, Tatung provides end to end solar systems with solar substations for the connection to the grid. It allows decentralized power grid with micro grid management in the regions. The company now owns more than 500 solar system sites in Taiwan. All the solar systems are monitored and managed by Tatung Cloud™, then connected to Microsoft Azure Cloud. We leverage the Data Analytics and Machine Learning services in the Azure platform to constantly refine the efficiency and accuracy of the power generation forecast, and other service performances.

With the initial success, Tatung looks forward to the continuous collaboration with Microsoft Azure team and expects to create more “smart” value to both companies and to our customers. Together with Microsoft, we will also extend and scale out the successful work we have achieved in Taiwan, to the global market

About Tatung

Tatung Co. (TWSE: 2371, http://www.tatung.com) is established in 1918 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The company has a diversified business portfolio of variety of power equipment, home appliances, and system businesses in renewable energy, smart metering, smart IoT systems, mechanical engineering and ICT system integration. The investment covers asset development, computers, LCD panels, solar wafer & module, automation equipment, electronic components, etc. Tatung has worldwide manufacturing and business operations in China, US, Mexico, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and UAE.
The distribution of Microsoft Cloud and other software is mainly carried out by TSTi (Tatung System Technologies Inc. TWSE: 8099, http://www.etatung.com.tw/), a subsidiary of Tatung Co. TSTi provides professional and trusted ICT integration systems and consulting services within the group and to other corporate clients.