Tatung Welfare Committee handles a broad range of employee welfare issues including: daily activities, financial assistance for education, funeral assistance, and interest free installment loans. Table shows employees’ welfare implemented in the factories and subsidiaries.
Employees’ welfare Implementation
Housing loan program Providing interest-free housing loans to key managers and employees. This program benefited more than 2,000 employees and their and their families.
Stock ownership Tatung Co. subsidized employees to buy corporate stocks since 1992 as part of their savings.
Subsidies Eduction subsides for employees’ children in senior hight school and college/ university; funeral subsidies for colleagues or their spouses and immediate relatives; financial gifts for death of colleagues; cash gifts for weddings of employees or their children as well we for birth of employees’ children.
Restaurants RestaurantsRestaurants, noodle stands, fruits shops and grocery stores are provided in Headquarter and factories/ subsidiaries.
Benefits Restaurants, noodle stands, fruits shops and grocery stores are provided in Headquarter and factories/ subsidiaries.
Club activityies BenefitsTatung Co. organizes education, recreation, physical eduction, computer, languages, hiking/ mountain climbing and photography clubs to provide variety of social activities after work.
Health and safety plan Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, retirement pension, free annual health check-up.
Besides, in order to provide female employees a more comfortable and more convenient way to nurture the next generation without having to sacrifice their own work, or to increase their physical or psychological unnecessary burden, Tatung Co. set up a nursery room for post-natal breast-feeding employees. It is also the company's most intimate birth gift for female employees. The nursery room is also certified with “Taipei City Excellent Breastfeeding room” by Taipei City Government in 2010.
Nursery room is installed in the company
Eight training aspects for Tatung Co.
As for employees’ health promotion, Tatung Co. promotes numbers of health promotion activities over years. Since 2003, Tatung Co. won many awards and titles regarding to health promotion such as "Smoke-free workplace" and "Self-accreditation of health workplace" from Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health. Winning the awards shows the significant efforts on behalf of Tatung Co. are affirmed by the society. The specific practices are shown as follows:

1. Clean air, healthy and happy workplace environment Smoking has been proven to have negative effects to the health and smoking in workplace increases the risk of fire incidents. Smoking within the boundary of the companies/factories has always been prohibited. The employees, contractors, and visitors are not allowed to bring cigarettes, matches and lighters into the company. Tatung Co. also clearly posts/marks “NO SMOKING” notice in the meeting room, at entrances and exits. The reason for Tatung Co. doing this is to build a clean air and healthy workplace for everyone.

2. Welfare Committee regularly organizes the physical and cultural activities to encourage the employees having healthy living. It also establishes aerobic fitness club to provide employees physical activities to stretch and relieve pressures in their spare time.

3. Health examination fair Tatung Co. works with Health Center of Zhongshan District of Taipei City to organize Health examination fair on a yearly basis. The specialists from Taipei City Hospital are invited to the company to do high blood pressure, hyperlipidemin and high blood sugar screening, oral cancer screening, and cervical smear, breast cancer screening for women. Tatung Co. also arranges high-quality health check annually in order to find out any premature diseases and treat them in advance to protect employees’ health.

4. Tatung Co. organizes health promotion seminars and also publishes information about serious diseases on the company website and e-publications. The information contains not only about the diseases but also the preventions and treatment channels.
Tatung Co.is awarded with Taipei City Healthy Workplace Excellent Award.
Tatung Co. is awarded with Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace.