Our mission

Serving the country through education and industry has always been Tatung’s mission since establishment. We carry out industry-education cooperation with Tatung University and Tatung Senior High School as well as sponsor the schools’ major projects while also contributing industrial experience to the teaching. Moreover, we also serve various communities and care for disadvantaged families by, for example, helping rehabilitation after major disasters, arranging sport activities and educational day trip, and arranging blood donation twice a year etc.

Global warming and climate change have become the most concerned topics in the international communities. The Company started to work out greenhouse gas emission inventory in the factories and subsidiaries since 2009 while also focusing on the development of energy-saving technologies and renewable energy service such as acquiring green mark and energy label, developing LED parts and products, solar energy wafers, film/single/multi crystal solar energy module, and critical materials for C-LiFePO4 batteries. We hope to lower the damaging impact to the environment making the earth a sustainable place to live for generations to come.