• The Company raised a fund of NT$12 million for the victims of Kaohsiung gas explosion disaster to help the reconstruction in disastrous areas.

    • Inviting employees to support 2014 tax Campaign, “Donating Invoice to help garlic farmers”, organized by Revenue Service Bureau of Yunlin County. A total amount of 3755 invoices were collected in exchange of 751 Taiwan cattys of garlic, through which campaign, local garlic farmers and the disadvantaged social groups were all made beneficiaries.

    • Participating in “Taiwan Excellence Cares”, an annual charity event by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Tatung sponsored award winning rice cookers to deliver message of love and caring.

    • Tatung Baby Doll, Goodwill Ambassdor, articipated in the annual charity sports event-Taipei Fubon Marathon to cheer up for the runners with great support.

    • Tatung organized blood donation during winter and summer vocations every year and has been honored by governmental institution and non-governmental organizations. Regardless the weather condition, Tatung employees always happily give their hearts to blood donation activity. 247 employees donated their love in 2010 including executive vice president, Ms. W.Y. Lin.

    • To celebrate its 95th anniversary of establishment, Tatung held an open-air charitable concert in Pinxi inviting Taipei Opera Chorus and IfKids Theatre to perform for the general public. The people drawn by the activity also helped to contribute to Pinxi’s local economy.

    • To raise general public’s awareness of the schooling issue amongst the disadvantaged, the Company organized an open concert inviting entertainers, pop music performers, and classical music artists to jointly perform in the amphitheatre of Daan Park to raise funds for orphans and children with single parent. The Company’s fundraising campaign for the underprivileged children also included constructing a website as a platform to disseminate information as well as enable voluntary public donations at any time during the giving campaign. All proceeds of NT$856,436 was donated to Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation.

    • Morak typhoon hit Taiwan with abundant rainfall and devastated southern half of Taiwan badly. A voluntary donation of NT$10millions was quickly set up by Tatung’s employees with the first contribution made by our chairman and executive vice president. Tatung Consumer Products Co., Ltd (TCPC), a subsidiary of Tatung Co., instantly set up the "88 typhoon reconstruction project" aiming for "immediate action, help and care, rebuild homeland". 1,000 employees and 70 vehicles of service truck were mobilized in the affected areas to help victims to rebuild their homes by recycling damaged home appliances and provide free check-up for large home appliances.

      In addition, Tatung InfoComm Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tatung Co., also mobilized its employees and dispatched a new telecommunication vehicle to the Disaster Command Center located at Cishan Junior High School to provide free wireless Internet access and Internet phone services for stranded people and media to contact their loved ones and send out the latest updates. Tatung InfoComm also offered 8 lines of Internet telephone to the Emergency Response Centre by the Bureau of Social Affairs of Kaohsiung County and stationed in Sandimen Township providing fax machines, photocopiers and other computer peripherals for the gathering of timely and correct statistics data relating to such disaster.

    • Tatung actively organized book donation project within the company. On last Christmas, with the support of our supplier, we carried out “one used book for one new book” campaign. Nearly 2,000 books were donated and delivered to NMTL in January, 2010. These books will then be delivered to the disastrous areas by NMTL in an effort to comfort those affected souls.