Tatung Co. has been since the start that uphold “the customer first”, “having only one phone call, the service is to” aims to provide fast and excellent services to customers. Tatung Co. has opened hundreds of service stations and 3C Exhibition Stores in Taiwan to provide a comfortable shopping environment as well as excellent maintenance services. There are also service stations opened for specific industries such as information (OA), large-size air conditioners, heavy appliances, wires and cables, and motors. Tatung Consumer Products Co., Ltd (TCPC) launched “Tatung fast-repair Center” to provide even faster and better services since 2009. All the technicians are well trained, experienced and acquired national licenses.

In order to provide the more convenient customer service, Tatung Co. provides an online service application form on Tatung’s service website (http://www.tatung.com) where the customers can make a service request online. The system will assign the service request to the accordance service station and provide rapid and high quality services. At the end of each case, customers are able to provide any positive or negative feedbacks by filling the online survey which will be used for future improvement.
Tatung Online Feedback
Products Information Website

To extend the channels for listening to the customers, Tatung Co. also provides an online feedback service which customers can ask questions, express their opinions and give positive feedbacks to Tatung Co. Customers’ personal information is kept in privacy in accordance to related regulations.

As enhancing the service, Tatung Co. believes that it is a corporate responsibility to show their customers the way to fully utilize their products in a safety way. Tatung Co. provides information of electric fan, monitor, TV, air conditioner, laundry, refrigerator, mobile phone, rice cooker and microwave oven online and expects by reading this information customers can use the products efficiently and safely.