Renewable Energy Deployment

"Green Energy Tatung" is Tatung's development strategy. We plan to promote PV solar projects with steady paces and continue to innovate in combination with smart technology and have achieved leading performance in PV solar system industry. We have successfully finished PV solar systems in kinds of place, such as residential area, community, factory, dormitory, and commercial building. We are offering the solutions of rooftop, ground-mounted and floating types and will move into big ground-type systems since 2018. In 2019, Tatung Forever Energy won the "2019 Enterprise Project Management Benchmarking Award". Tung Yang Energy obtained a license for the renewable energy power generation industry and thus became officially an investor for the first type of solar power plant. Tatung is ready to work together for the Taiwan's electrical industry in the fields of project management, power plant operation, green power wheeling and renewable energy certification transactions.
By the end of 2019, Tatung and its subsidiaries have completed 127.15MWp of PV solar systems in accumulatively. The systems can generate 148,500,000 kwh of electricity each year and cut off 80,000 tons8 CO2e which equals to the forests carbon absorbing capability with area size of 8,080 hectares9 . Looking forward to the future, Tatung will adhere to the sustainable development strategy and actively promote the energy transformation in line with the government's green energy policy. The goal is to complete 197.15 MWp solar PV systems accumulatively by the end of 2020. We are aiming to lead the solar power industry to reciprocate and innovate through various industry cooperation and to expand setup area for PV solar systems. We will provide more opportunities for cooperation in the solar energy industry, Innovate green energy economy, promote environmental sustainable development, and fulfill corporate social responsibility.