Fifteen factories (including subsidiaries) have been awarded with ISO14001 certifications.
Year of Certificate Factory/Subsidiary
1998.07 Air Conditioner Plant
1998.08 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Company Taoyuan Plant
1998.10 Transformer & Switchgear Plant
1998.11 Forward Electronics Ltd.
1999.04 Motor Plant
1999.04 Tatung OTIS Elevator Co.
1999.04 Tatung Okuma Co.
1999.04 Tatung SM-Cyclo Co.
1999.04 Tatung Die Casting Co.
1999.04 Kuender Ltd.
2000.06 Wire and Cable Plant
2004.03 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Company Lungtan Plant
2006.05 Chunghwa Picture Tubes Company Yangmei Plant
2008.02 Green Energy Technology INC
2008.05 Tatung Fine Chemicals Co.