Tatung tirelessly dedicates to the development of green products and many of them have been awarded with "Green Mark", "Energy Label", and "Water Label". There were 4 models awarded with Green Mark, 74 models awarded with Energy Label, 9 models awarded with Water Label in 2017. As for toxic free products, Tatung has followed EU RoHS directive and REACH regulation, through supply chain management and manufacturing management to ensure there is no hazardous substance in the products shipped to EU.

List of Tatung’s green products

Product Green Mark1 Energy Label2 Water Label
Electric fan - -
Refrigerators -
Washing machines - (all series)
Monitors - -
Water dispensers(warm/hot water) - -
Electric ovens - -
Dehumidifiers - -
Domestic air conditioners -
Amorphous cast-resin dry type transformers - -

Note 1:
Taiwan EPA established "Green Mark" program in order to encourage manufacturers to reduce pollution emissions, consumption of energies and resources during the life cycle of a product as well as to awake the consumers to choose resource saving,low pollution, recyclable products. The products with "Green Mark" represent the environmental performances ranked form top 20~30% on their product category.

Note 2:
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan initiated the coluntary"Energy Label" program. The products with "Energy Label"indicate that the energy efficiency of the product is 10~50% higher than national energy efficiency standard.

▲ Numbers of Green Mark, Energy Label, and Water Label awarded

On the other hand, Tatung takes "energy saving and carbon reduction" as her corporate social responsibility, and focuses on improving the energy efficiency of her products. Motors are the driving force of industrial production processes which consume the highest proportion of electricity consumption and are widely used in various equipments. In order to achieve the goal of global energy saving and carbon reduction, IEC announced 'IE4' efficiency standard in 2014. Therefore, the popularization of "high efficiency motor" is regarded as an important force for global motor energy conservation. Tatung, as a global motor leader, although has developed IE4 motors, but most of them are PM permanent magnet motors or SRM reluctance motors. The new motors can not be replaced directly because of the different installation sizes of the old IE1, IE2, and IE3 motors and extra controllers have to be installed to peripheral devices. Therefore, Tatung cooperates with ITRI in 2017, hoping to combine the research and development capabilities of ITRI with the excellent motor producing foundation of Tatung for many years to develop "digital design and manufacturing technology" for the development of IE4 ultra-high efficiency motor with sharing and interchangeable ability. The outcome allows equipment manufacturers to completely replace old and inefficient motors with ultra-high efficiency motors, maximizing the power saving effect in Taiwan and reducing the risk of power shortage.
Last update:2018.11.12