Establishing solar PV systems to minimize air pollution and greenhouse gases

"Green Energy Tatung" is Tatung's development strategy. We plan to promote PV solar projects with steady paces and continue to innovate in combination with smart technology and have achieved leading performance in PV solar system industry. We have successfully finished PV solar systems in kinds of place, such as residential area, community, factory, dormitory, and commercial building. We are offering the solutions of rooftop, ground-mounted and floating types and will move into big ground-type systems since 2018.

We cooperated with Taipower Company and the NEPII to build a smart micro-grid system in Qimei island, Peng-hu County. We firstly built the smart micro-grid demonstration system and verification platform. In early 2018, we completed the integration of the island's 400kW solar photovoltaic power generation system and the 300kWhr energy storage system. During the off-peak period, the proportion of renewable energy reached more than 50% of the system load. The case won the "2018 Smart City Innovation Application Award" for its achievement in smart micro-grid system.

By the end of 2018, we have completed 91.70 MWp of PV solar systems in accumulatively. The systems can generate 107,000,000 kwh of electricity each year and cut off 60,000 tons CO2e which equals to the forests carbon absorbing capability with area size of 5,400 international standard soccer fields.

Looking forward to the future, Tatung will adhere to the sustainable development strategy and actively promote the energy transformation of non-nuclear homes in line with the government's green energy policy. The goal is to complete 150 MWp solar PV systems accumulatively by the end of 2019. We are aiming to lead the solar power industry to reciprocate and innovate through various industry cooperation and to expand setup area for PV solar systems. We will provide more opportunities for cooperation in the solar energy industry.

▲ Total PV solar systems installed and our target

Devote in developing environmental friendly products

Tatung tirelessly dedicates to the development of green products and many of them have been awarded with "Green Mark", "Energy Label", and "Water Label". There were 31 models awarded with Green Mark, 33 models awarded with Energy Label, 9 models awarded with Water Label in 2018.

List of Tatung’s green products

Products Green Mark Energy Label Water Label
Electric fans - -
Refrigerators -
Washing machines - (all series)
Monitors - -
Air purifiers - -
Electric ovens - -
Dehumidifies -
Domestic air conditioners -
Amorphous transformers - -
Cast resin dry type transformers - -
Amorphous cast-resin dry type transformers - -

▲ Numbers of green products awarded

Restricted substances information in products

Tatung follows the requirements of restricted substances in products regulations and manages through the effective control of the supply chain and production processes to ensure that the restricted substances in the products meet the standards and protect the health and safety of consumers. At the same time, we also disclose restricted substances information in the product manuals to fully protect the rights of consumers.

Restricted substances containing information inquiry

Products Model No. Condition of the restricted substances
Washing machines TAW-A070L
Electric tea pots TEK-1016EA
Electronic cookers TRC-06TREA
Electric cookers TAC-06EA,TAC-06EA-WI
TAC-11T-NMV4 240V
Electric steam pots TSB-3016EA
Juicy blenders TJC-1518A
TVJ-10C, TVJ-10D
Air purifiers TACR-1700PUC
Refrigerators TR-B310NVI TR-B250NVI
Microwave ovens TMO-17MA,TMO-17MB
Latest update: 2019.10.15