All Tatung production bases acquired ISO 9001 international certification, implementing and strictly complying with the management mechanism to guarantee quality stability of production. So as to ensure quality and utility of products and hazardous substances management, Tatung set up a Dimensional and Electricity Calibration Laboratory accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) in head office, providing accurate measurement and calibration of products in quality assurance. As for factories, they have Transformer Testing Lab、Switchgear Testing Lab、Motor Testing Lab、Air Condition Facility Testing Lab、Generator Set Testing Lab and Taoyuan Wire and Cable Testing Lab to provide well protection of quality.

Tatung's TAF certified laboratories

Name and certified No. Testing items Originally Registered
Calibration Lab L0003-090302 Measuring and calibrating of products 1990.06.01
Tatung Environmental Research Center L1697-191016 Water quantities and quality, hazardous substances of electric and electrical products. 2007.10.24
Tatung Transformer Testing Lab L2306-191212 Transformer testing. 2010.12.27
Air Condition Facility Testing Lab L2270-110120 Cooling capacity and EER of air conditioner and water chiller. 2011.01.20
Tatung Switchgear Testing Lab L2308-110323 Switchgear testing 2011.03.23
Tatung Generator Set Testing Lab L2442-18012 Generator testing 2011.10.12
Tatung Motor Testing Lab L2613-120701 Motor testing 2012.07.01
Tatung Taoyuan Wire and Cable Testing Lab L2964-181121 Wires, cables, and busway testing. 2018.11.21

In terms of product safety, every country in the world prescribes relevant norms and regulations to ensure quality and safety of imported products. Only if enterprises pass and acquire certifications, they can be approved for selling in local market. Besides, consumer consciousness keeps arising, all Tatung products and accessories (including outsourced ones) be designed and manufactured according to global relevant laws and regulations. Only passing design verification test, completing relevant documents/regulations, getting through evaluation production and progressing review of new product listing, we would carry on producing and selling by SAP System control and management.

Standards, certifications, and verifications adopted by Tatung

Business group Standards, certifications, and verifications
Power BG CNS Standards, China Compulsory Certification, Canadian Standards, American Safety Standards, ETL Verification, EU Network System Verification, Japan PSE Certification.
System BG ANSI International Certification, IEC International Certification, DLMS/COSEM Conformance, etc.
Consumer BG CNS Standards, China Compulsory Certification, American Safety Standards, U.S. Federal Communications Commission for Telecommunications, Product Inspection Label from BSMI, Japanese Emissions Control Standards.
In terms of hazardous substances management, apart from third-party inspection (RoHS、Reach and so on regulations), Tatung set up an Environmental Analysis Research Center accredited by TAF in head office. It is a Lab in connection with restricted hazardous substances (RoHS) inspection that specializes in electrical material, component and equipment. To ensure consumers’ safety and healthy, hazardous substances also be monitored internally.