To continuously improve health and safety, Tatung has for years vigorously carried out educational training and propagated related regulations, and the “Chairmans’ School and Company Health and Safety Policy”, which was announced in 1997, shall be used as guiding principles in our safety and sanitation work. By improving the safety knowledge and responsibility of our employees, it is able to improve the innate safety in the factories and reduce the frequency of disaster and help Tatung Co. continue to develop, and sustain operations on international scale.

Target and performance

Tatung continues to establish safety culture, reduce occupational disaster risk and provide a safe working environment. When an occupational disaster is occurred, root-cause analysis will be conducted and counter-measures will be implemented to prevent such case happening again. There was no occupational disease case and death incident in 2016. FR in 2016 is higher than in 2015, but SR for male employee in 2016 is greatly lower than in 2015 which indicating that the degree of severity is relatively minor. As for AR, there is no significant change between 2015 and 2016. Tatung has made a target to lower 10% for FR and SR each year. From the statistics in the past 5 years, Tatung did not meet the target. The main reason was the employees in headquarter having traffic accident at work. In addition, some factories relocated production lines and office areas, so the employees were not familiar with the new environment which also added the result. We have reinforce to safety promotion in the factories and requested supervisors on-site to audit more frequently to reduce the accidents.

Health and safety performance in 2016

Trends of FR and SR

Trends of AR

Last update: 2017.10.27