Focusing on the issue of health and safety is one of the long standing policies in Tatung. With a regulated system and culture based strategy, Tatung has aggressively participated in education training, regulation consulting, and risk assessing, and has established the procedures to improve the issues of health and safety, as well as setting objectives and reforming projects. These are accomplished through the execution of reform projects and periodical assessments, as well as reviewed by to management, and aided in the continued improvement of health and safety performances, and hence assist Tatung to achieve the goal of a disaster free working environment. So far all the factories have OHSAS 18001 certifications and Tayuan Plant and San-Hsia Factory have also had CNS 15506 management system.
Factory OHSAS18001 since CNS15506 since
Tayuan Plant 2008.07 2010.07
Taoyuan Wires and Cables Plant 2009.06 -
Taoyuan 1st Plant 2010.03 -
San-Hsia Factory 2011.01 2013.01
Tatung health and safety management system statuses
Last update: 2017.10.27