Tatung also carries out "Occupational Accident Prevention Pays" program every year and works hard to achieve the final target "disaster free in the factories and subsidiaries". The contents of the program are summarized below:
1. The factories and subsidiaries implement the projects which can improve or prevent health and safety issues, and ESD reviews the performances and provides feedbacks.
2. An annual Accident Prevention Pays seminar is organized to exchange the health and safety experiences between factories and subsidiaries.
3. Recommends outstanding factories or subsidiaries to compete governmental awards. The results from Occupational Accident Prevention Pays program in 2016, 34 (subsidiaries not included) incidents against company rules were found. The incidents were major focused on lack of proper health and safety education for specified employees, and not sufficient preventative measures against electric shock. By the end of 2016, 33 incidents were corrected (97%) which met our target. For that had not been corrected, we will follow up the correction status. In this year's Occupational Accident Prevention Pays program, we will focus on checking electricity safety and self-checking mechanism to protect employees' health and safety.
Last update: 2017.10.27