In order to raise the awareness of occupational health and safety among the employees and to comply with current regulations, Tatung opens "Health and Safety Training Class" for new recruits, general employees, and managers in headquarter. The training classes introduce the related health and safety regulations such as "Occupational Safety and Health Act" and demonstrate the prevention of the occupational disasters. The factories and subsidiaries also organize training courses for the needs of the business operations such as VOCs & Designated Chemicals class, Job Safety Analysis class, Fork lifters and Stationary Cranes training class, etc.

As for regulation promotion, Tatung organizes "Tatung Corporate OHS Seminar" every year. The seminar was held in March 2016 and the topic was risk assessment of occupational exposures and case study on past occupational disasters. In addition, Tatung complies with "Labor's Working Condition Monitoring Methods" and sets working environment monitoring and conducts monitoring. The results from monitoring are available to the employees. Tatung also educates the employees the potential hazards in the working environment and the necessary prevention measures.

Tatung Corporate OHS Seminar

Health and safety notice board in the factory

Last update: 2017.10.27